Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Thousand Faces!!!!

I stand surrounded by the walls that once confined me.
Knowing I'll be underneath them when they crumble, when they fall
With clarity my scars remind me
Ask yourself what's just under my skin

A different smile every time to be loved
So much pain I hid behind thousand faces

I descended to my inner hell of my soul to battle my own demons

I used to wear a thousand faces
Tell me, tell me which is mine?

Smoke and mirrors all around me
But still the true beauty of my wretched soul is reflected
And I am gathering the pieces of the human being I once was

I need time to make the change
Lying over and over and over and over
Deceiving my own mind
Corrupting my own soul
Dug my grave, trashed my name
But I am fighting my own demons

I bleed inside
Just let it out
I bleed inside
I'm gonna let it out
Let it die to be reborn again
To recover the human being once I was