Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A mi edad

Mil cumplidos por la vida de campeón
E insultos por el rastro de un error

Cierto que fácil nunca, nunca ha sido
observaba la vida como la observa un ciego
pues lo que se dice a veces daña
Y lo que se escribe puede herir hasta morir

Que sin rencor mi miedo se convierta en mi cura
Y que la alegría perdida regrese ahora

porque solamente el caos de la retórica
confunde y modifica la coherencia histórica
y porque me he perdonado

De noche a mi edad...

Each tear ..

Ariel there’s something that I want to say,
But I feel like don’t know how

Still I just can’t hold it one more day,
So I think I let it out

You’re on my mind more than I may sure
You’re in my heart more than you may know
And the last thing that I want,
Is to you to fall apart

To you I will be clearer,
I want you to remember my son that,
In each tear there’s a lesson,
Makes you wiser than before
Makes you stronger than you know
and each tear brings you closer to your dreams
No mistake, no heartbreak
Can take away what you're meant to be

Hijito we can’t change the things,
That we done that’s in the past
But fighting won’t get us anyway
So if you want, here’s my hand

Every night there is one thing I do
I bow my head and I pray for you
Your future will be clearer

You're much more than the struggle you go trough
You’ re not a victim,
you're a winner
And you’re not defeated
you’ e more like a king

Dentro il male del dolore che ti ho detto
Più della mancanza forte che ti ho detto
Più di tutti quanti i drammi che ti ho detto
Io ti amo e che ti amo ora l’ho detto

Queste lacrime figlie di un’arma atroce (arma atroce)
Queste lacrime si mostrano alla luce
Queste ore ormai umide di lacrime
cancellano il timore e me che intemplano la lapide

No we can’t be held down
No I can’t be held down
You can’t be held down

Love makes you so much stronger....

To you my biggest love in my life ...You my son

I want to give you all of me - the underneath
Want to show you that my imperfections are actually love
I thought, cursed - I was cursed -
Destined to be lonely
A circle in a world of squares
Where nobody knows me

So with every footstep I must
follow the kissing moments
I thought were impossible

Breathe gentle, Be gentle
Don't leave me behind
Cause love goes faster
Breathe gentle, Be gentle
Never let me go when love goes faster
I will be gentle

See, photographs have only two dimensions
But love defies all logic in a picture
Above all that is physical, I'm falling
Falling uncontrollably - it terrifies me

So if my compass, it fails me
And I feel I'm walking blind
Don't say goodbye
Don't let me hide
Oh please don't let me spiral

The walls have fallen now
The key is yours to turn - I'm breathing

Every time I run somehow love is faster
Without you loneliness is everlasting
I still feel you
But I hear you - loudly
Screaming - "please wait for me"
Cause I don't want to hurt you
And I don't want to loose this love this time.