Saturday, May 16, 2009

I want to give you all of me ....

I want to give you all of me - the underneath
Want to show you that albeit imperfect I love you....

I thought, cursed - I was cursed - destined to be lonely
But then you were born my dear and beloved Ariel

A circle in a world of squares
where nobody knows me
So with every footstep I must
follow the loving moments and memories
I thought were impossible

Don't leave me behind
cause love goes faster

See, photographs have only two dimensions
But love defies all logic in a picture and I miss you
Albeit you are me and I am in you

We are not together but I still feel you
I hear you - loudly in my mind, my memories, saying - "PAPAPAAAAAAAA"

Y si .....

Mañana saldré de viaje y me llevare tu presencia
Para que sea nunca ida y siempre vuelta...

Y si llegara ahora el fin que sea en un abismo
no para odiarme sino para intentar volar ......