Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Is California's largest HMO autism friendly? http://ow.ly/5sEMs
Autism + obsessions = careers? 10 success stories http://ow.ly/5sEKC
To share with you all: 17 wishes from an adult with autism http://ow.ly/5sEHA
RT @myautismteam: Check out the recent article from Laura Shumakr about MyAutismTeam (Author of A Regular Guy) @SFGate.http://fb.me/U5vu4AVK
CosasQueMeGusta: Sonrisa para resolver problemas, Silencio para evitar problemas.”
@eggsquared @Ana3rabeya We all can be enslaved by our own passions...
A really good video about KSA, its way to rule itself, and its position about human rights/civil liberties. http://ow.ly/5sBfz
How is the night going? Have a laugh with this Comedy Group. It reminded me of some situations I have gone trough ;) http://ow.ly/5szHp
For you guys to laugh for a while. Somehow it reminded me of some incidents I have gone trough... http://ping.fm/ShjyA